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Build Your Business

The Stages below are to help you start hiring for your business. Please Follow them in order.  Each stage will require a different level of investment, they are listed Lowest-Highest.  Scroll down to continue.

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Build a Foundation

Complete the next 6 steps and build a foundation for your business to start! 

Use the link to Create a Company Name & Professional Email.  It doesn't Have to be anything fancy. 

Once  created, you will be asked to create a gmail inbox.  Use your name so people can Identify you 
Professional emails get professional response. 

With your professional email, create a way for your new hires to schedule an interview with you.

Use the example we've provided and make the Ad your own. You do not want it to be like everyone else's. 

Click the link on the left. Once you select the area you would like to post the Ad, continue by clicking "Post Ad"

Make sure you are responding the right way to candidates who have sent you a resume. 

Use the interview Script to familiarize yourself with the process and find the right candidate.

Refine your hiring process to get the best quality Candidates.

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Refine the Process

Create a submission form to include in your Ad's and create an additional filter for potential recruits. Start a free account. 

Take Your hiring to the next level by branding yourself and your business.  This next level will allow you to Launch into more resources to hire and grow.

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Build a Brand

Having an LLC is a major part of branding correctly.  Companies will ask you to verify your business information. We recommend Incorporating in Delaware.

Brands need Logos.  Find a logo that works for you and your business.  You can find great options under 75$. And remember you can always upgrade later.

A Business needs a website.  Use the domain name you purchased earlier for your email and get a basic website set up so people can look up you and your business for legitimacy. Wix is super simple to use.

Your Business Will Need a Facebook business Page.  We also recommend a Instagram Page and LinkedIn Account for your business. Click the link and follow the guidelines.

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